Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amanda Please!

Today, I wanted to talk about something that I've inexplicably had strong emotional reactions to this past week: Child Star Downfalls. While normally I am not one to follow tabloids and celebrity gossip (I always rolled my eyes at my friends in high school that read Perez religiously), recently I can't help but follow the downward spiral (and potential comebacks) of my favorite actresses of my youth that seemed to have jumped off a cliff into crazy land since middle school. While this obviously includes our favorite tabloid starlette Lindsay Lohan (LiLo is apparently what we're calling her these days), I'm going to save her for another day after I've fully meditated on her appearances of Chelsea Lately (I heard it worthy of a sigh of relief and maybe even hope?) and Oprah (Oh dayum girl, the O pulls out some big questions in that preview!)

But recently Lindsay hasn't been the only child star getting all the attention for her downward spiral, which is probably a welcome change for LiLo. In fact, Lindsay looks pretty stable in comparison to a recent downfall: Amanda Bynes. Obviously, there has been no escape for the jokes about Amanda Bynes recently. When I first saw posts about how absurd and crazy Amanda Bynes tweets were, I was convinced they were some horrible parody account. After all, Amanda Bynes at the time was no where close to the limelight and her twitter account wasn't even blue check verified--definitely a parody account.

 But alas, I was wrong. Since then, not only has her accounted been verified but her tweets have gotten more outrageous and her crazy escapades have catapulted from random social media outbursts to real life crazy (and concerning) drama. Yet, even for this past summer, I was kind of sad for Amanda but still like whatever sucks for her, who cares. But my emotions started really coming out when I played the mustache game to Easy A. Now maybe it was the fast rate I was going through my Saranac Beers (check 'em out, Upstate New York classic) or maybe I was indeed more attached to Amanda Bynes than I had ever realized, but I was getting pretty emotional. I had completely forgotten about her role (and a pretty funny and convincing one at that) of the leader of the Christian group at Emma Stone's high school, which doubled as the leader of the mob against Emma Stone's character. In it, she was perfectly funny--so funny in fact that she was not entirely overshadowed by the rising star and incredibly quirky Emma Stone.

Up until that night, I had only remember Amanda's role in She's the Man as her last performance, so her recent demise was sad but who knows what she's been up to since then? But there she was, perfectly healthy, still acting, still funny in a movie that came out my freshman year of college. And now where was she? Front center of tabloids, dunking her dog in gasoline and completely off her rocker. Recognizing just how quick this descent must have been was the most shocking and saddening discovery. Now don't get me wrong, you're not about to find a crazy, highly emotional video of me screaming to the general public to leave Amanda Bynes alone (remember those crazy Britney days with even crazier Britney fans?). However, Amanda Bynes' downfall and tabloid attention has left me with more of an emotional reaction than any other starlettes crazy downward spiral.

So here's to the Old Amanda that I grew up watching. From your funny (but often incomprehensible) sketches on the Amanda Show. Here's to all the hot guys you had as co-stars in What I Like About You. Here's to the time you made me cry in your performance in What A Girl Wants, even though it was a comedy. Here's to helping me prepare for moving to France in high school when I watched She's the Man in French 100x because I knew every line by heart in English. Here's to you knowing how to act like a crazy christian so well some people probably didn't even realize you were making fun of them. But most importantly, here's to you getting over what ever the hell you are going through right now. You should get help. Maybe turn to your recent bud Emma Stone, who alongside Jennifer Lawrence is the poster child for 'down to earth and quirky hollywood starlette.' JUST DO SOMETHING. Because I don't want to start tearing up about your fall from grace when I watch She's the Man. Not only would that be pathetic and would all my friends make fun of me, but that would just ruin one of my favorite movies and no one wants that.

Now, if you hated this post. Don't worry, I'm not planning on becoming a huge celebrity gossip blog just yet. However, like I mentioned before I'm probs going to do some commentary on the LiLo Chelsea Lately appearance. Come on! Apparently, she was funny and I just smell a comeback for her on the horizon. After all, Amanda has already stolen her biggest child actress fail position she can only go up from here!

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