Sunday, February 3, 2013

It Was The Best And Worst Of Days

Just to warn you, this is essentially going to be a diary post with a little bit of travel blog thrown in. Sound good? The tale of the best and worst day I have yet to have in France actually starts Friday night. I popped open a bottle of vin blanc toute seule in my room while my host mom and her friends bellydanced in the living room in their bras. Dead serious, just in their bras.
Mont St Clair
After, I met up with some fellow Colgate kids at Rebuffy for the cheapest (aka cheap but also horrible) wine. During our 2 hour stay at Rebuffy I went from being nice and wine woozy to bawling. Then I started hiccuping. Then I paid 5E for a shitty club. Then I went home. Then I threw up. Then at 6 in the morning, my host mom wakes me up and tells me to follow her. She brings me to the door and I had forgotten to lock it in my drunken state. She locks the door dramatically for me and just walks away. UGH.
In the morning, I was supposed to go to Sète, a seaside town close to Montpellier. Still in shock and completely scared of my host mother, I tiptoed out of the apartment that morning and went to the train station. Not surprisingly, I was completely hungover and barely managed that shaky ride. Despite being near death, we started our day by hiking up a giant hill/mountain/cliff to the panoramic view of Sète. I swear I almost collapsed multiple times.
The croutons
The Soup
After our little urban hike, we found this seafood restaurant. We were starving so when they served us toasted bread with this amazing aioli sauce and cheese we devoured it. I didn't quite understand what it was, but my famished self was in no mood to question it. But when the waiter came with our fish soup we realized that it wasn't just toasted bread, it was the croutons for our soup! I still wonder how much the waiters laughed at us. They brought us another platter of croutons for the soup, and despite our embarrassment, the food was amazing.
For the rest of the day, we just walked around trying to find a beach. After a couple hours of wandering, we took the train back home. Walking back to my apartment, I was dreading returning home. When I came in, my host mother said was "wasn't feeling well" so me and Grace would be eating dinner alone (Lies). Feeling incredibly guilty, I almost didn't go out because I thought she would get even more angry with me. But my roommate said that I was being stupid, and she was going to be mad at me if I went out or not.
Faith and I were the only people who wanted to go out last night. I was slightly apprehensive just because practically every night this past week I've only gone out with two other people and it's been...well kind of lame. But it was so much fun. We went back to Rebuffy for cheap wine again and these boys next to us asked if they could sit with us to practice their english. They weren't like 'oh my god gorgeous' but they were pretty cute hipsters. Of course, since this always happens when I talk to boys while drinking, we brought up some politics. This time it was in the form of American Gun Control. Let me state this for the record, I DID NOT BRING IT UP. I was talking about dog poop in France and how gross it is and he was like well in America you can all have guns so that's worse....yes, totally relevant argument.
Do you see how windy it was?
After splitting ways with them, we headed to Faith's host sisters' friend's party. Since we've been in Montpellier, I haven't spent any time with French people and I literally felt like I didn't even see any French students my age--just high schoolers and old people. So it was so nice to chat with French college students. It was something I'd been hoping to do for awhile. After staying there, and smoking like my third cigarette in two days (what is happening to me?!), we ended out night at the Fizz. It was fun but not amazing. It was mainly fun obnoxiously yelling and jumping around with Faith while everyone else was far more calm. But in the end, what is more fun than being that obnoxious American abroad?
The Sète Crew

Summary for the Best and Worst Day
-1 Angry host mom (she's still definitely pissed)
-1 Horrible Hangover
-1/+1 Hiking up that goddamn hill BUT excercise
+1 Yummy seafood
-1 Angry host mom
+1 Soirée
+1 Being asked like 4x if I was French
+1 Sleeping in a comfy bed chez Faith
+1 Egg McMuffin that I ate for breakfast
-1 I'm scared to leave my room
The Sète Habor


  1. mmhm girl floppin around that club like no ones business! whens the blog post coming about tonight?!

    1. So soon. Only we should've taken a group photo for this to be a complete post. DAMN.

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