Monday, August 27, 2012

I Like Your Hat

I am currently sitting on a bench on the academic quad of my campus killing some time before I have to head to my next 30 minute syllabus class. I've actually been back at Colgate for some time now because I decided to be a leader for a pre-orientation group for the freshman this year. It was pretty fun and I got to know some new people and some new freshmen (I actually bought my shelving off a freshman who thought they could fit that in Curtis HA). But despite having been here for a week, I'm still in denial that school is starting and that I won't see my friends from back home until Christmas.

My last night in San Francisco, I had some friends over for dinner and a sleepover. I'll blame that dinner for my current lapse in my diet because we just made a giant pot of pasta and eggplant. It was yummy and simple but definitely went against my no carb diet. OH WELL. After some normal chatting and eating, we went on an adventure to the drugstore to buy Ice Cream which we then casually destroyed.
This is the unnecessary outfit that I wore to this fun event. I had to wear it because I had stolen that hat from one of my friends and had yet to take advantage of it's amazingness. I've been eyeing a hat like this for about a year now, but have never actually bought one. 
Although I'm obsessed with that and they make any outfit just 50x more glamourous, it just doesn't make sense to wear at school. I'd have to take it off in class (imagine sitting behind a chick wearing that), I'd take it off in my apartment or visiting anyone else, so basically I'd end up just holding this hat all day getting annoyed. And that's the reason I have not and probably will not buy that hat until I graduate and live in a city again. (how unnecessary was that rant). But now I'm in a hat state of mind, I'm going to include some hat pictures that I want but can never have as a form of torture for myself. 
the perfect wall decoration (I found this on pinterest...obviously)


  1. Which I could pull off hats.
    too much curly hair, under my head. :(

    xoxo&more love from <- Check me out.

  2. nice hat!
    cute outfit!

  3. simple but so chic. love those shoes :)
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  4. very cute look and I love the hats!

  5. Love love your outfit! Super elegant but casual! ^^ What do you think if we followed eachother? Big kiss

  6. I also love hats!! They are the best accessory!
    I love your blog!
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  7. Hi! Would you like to follow each other? :) Just let me know.. Thank's! Kisses from VV!!

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  9. wow!love your shoes and hat!!

  10. I love your hat and all those other hats you found on Pinterest!

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  11. nice ∆

  12. Fantastic outfit, love the combination! So simple, yet elegant.